Wallpaper actually requires skill to apply – wall stickers do not!


Before you can even begin applying wallpaper you need to have the correct equipment: long table, scissors, razorblades, wall paper paste, pasting brush, tray roller, wet rags, bucket, ruler, the list is endless. Even then you have to undertake the laborious job of filling in any small cracks and sanding down the walls to get rid of blemishes. With wall stickers there is literally no preparation! Obviously the walls need to be clean and smooth but hoovering any dust off them is a breeze and assistance is minimal. Too eager to read the instructions? Just dive into the packet, ‘peel and stick’ is truly the name of the game. Not satisfied with the way they are sitting on your wall? Simply pull them off and rearrange to the preferred design! Bright, elegant arrangements can be created with minimum effort and with no professional expertise.


Quality wallpaper is usually expensive – wall stickers are cost effective!


Wallpapers often have decorative patterns that can be appealing at first, but can you afford to restyle to keep your home looking fresh? Wall decals are made of a high quality vinyl that is customised specifically for interior wall application. They have a nice matte finish to look more like paint and will allow you to change your walls into works of art in a matter of minutes.

Now you can pander to your whimsical interior delights and construct a bohemian space for chill out time or a space travel den with glowing ceilings and photo-realistic space ships. Large wall stickers make an enormous impact for the money and unlike wallpaper they let you change your mind on a whim; had enough of urban dots and swirls? Simply unpeel them (it doesn’t hurt the paint) and rearrange them in another room or store them safely until your love for them comes back round. Brilliant!


Wallpaper is messy and inconvenient to put up – wall stickers can be applied wearing a ball gown!


The obstacles of wall papering can include ugly creases, curling, loose ends, fatal gaps between strips, glue not setting, wallpaper sliding off, falling ladders, individuals, and as novice decorators will already be aware, the art of wall papering usually requires two people. If you are lucky enough to bypass all these problems, you can still run the risk of stepping back from your wallpaper masterpiece and realising that the design does not fit the room. Gold leaf wall paper magnified doesn’t always equal elegance. The next step is to use a dry steamer to remove it. Doh! Who has one of those lying around?

The advantages of wall stickers are immediately apparent. Wall decals can be applied virtually anywhere, without leaving marks or sticky residue behind. The non toxic elements are so easy to apply even young ones can participate in the fun of energising dull, lifeless walls into a focus wall of beauty and luxury.