Scroll Tree Wall Stickers – Counterfeit RoomMates Wall Decals

The Scroll Tree wall stickers is one of our best selling items and although it is hard to believe, there is a growing problem with counterfeit wall stickers. Copies and knockoffs of this characterful tree wall stickers are frequently appearing on Amazon, Ebay and other suspect websites. We are working very closely with our supplier to inform customers and to work with customers who have already unknowingly purchased fake RoomMates Scroll Tree wall stickers.

Here are some of the typical differences between a counterfeit Scroll Tree and legitimate wall decals:

Things to look out for with counterfeits:


1. On arrival they look cheap

2. Sloppy packaging

2. The wall sticker is printed on an inexpensive, semi-transparent material

3. Wall stickers feel sticky and thin

4. Packaging lacks legal information and/or RoomMates branding

5. No instructions enclosed

6. There is a difference in colour, scale and quality of the individual wall decals

7. Wall stickers peel off the wall after application

8. The price is too good to be true!


RoomMates wall stickers are designed and printed in the United States and to a very high standard (that is why we love them so much!). It would not be possible to make a wall decal of a similar level of quality and sell it as cheaply as what’s commonly seen from counterfeit sources.

If you choose to purchase a look-a-like Scroll Tree on a website with a price far below the recommended retail price, please take care as you may end up with an imitation. Many counterfeits come from China and can take up to six weeks to be delivered.

The Scroll Tree is design patented by Dena Design and only RoomMates has the rights to sell her designs of wall sticker. If you are planning to purchase a RoomMates wall decal and are unsure of the seller’s credentials we strongly recommend that you contact RoomMates directly, using the following email Please note that they may ask you for photos of your counterfeit wall decal to help with investigations and to help take action against sellers and/or to provide as evidence to Amazon, Ebay, or other marketplace websites.

We are passionate about quality and want to give customers the peace of mind that when they see a brand name they are getting the real thing. All our RoomMates wall stickers are genuine, licensed products. If you want to ask us about the legitimacy of our wall stickers before you buy, we’re more than happy to help! Just contact us on 01420 544055.