Creating A Feature Wall With Wall Stickers

Feature walls are no longer just about a wall of colour. With the aid of large wall stickers they can be turned into a work of art and create a new mood to an area or room.

Large re-positionable wall stickers make it incredibly easy to construct a wall mural. Especially as they can be removed and reapplied without damaging the surface and are an attractive feature for those who live in rented accommodation.


So what is a feature wall? A feature wall is one wall in a room that has been painted in a bold colour to add interest, style and energy to a room. It can really effect the whole appearance of a living space.

Why a feature wall? With the correct paint and wall stickers a room can be made to appear bigger or seem cosier and smaller.

Which wall is best? There is no written rule about where a feature wall should be however it is not wise to choose a wall with windows and doors as it could interrupt the flow of the feature. As well as bedrooms, living rooms and snugs, a kitchen is also deserving of a focal point….


Paint colour?! Warm reds and terracotta will create a homely and inviting feel. Oppositely cool and calming colours will make a room appear spacious and minimalistic. Always buy a test paint pot and do not despair a feature wall is the perfect place to introduce a colour shade that might not look good painted throughout a room. Moreover, complemented with extra large wall stickers the overall finish can be mesmerising.

Which wall sticker design?! Be risky and colourful. A large wall sticker will add presence and strong impact for minimal effort and maximum effect. Several trends at the forefront this year are large tree designs, flower power designs, contemporary iconic buildings and chalkboard effect wall art.

Why not cover a wall with an elegant tree branch design? For a fraction of the cost of using fashionable tree wallpaper, the same look can be created with tree wall decals.

Or why not use a striking lamppost wall sticker and combine it with an actual wall light to create a practical feature upon a feature wall. Intelligent decoration!



When coordinated with a colour scheme with existing soft furnishings. Such as rugs, cushions, curtains and carpets. The varying intensities will add lighter tones and create a sense of space as it will make the wall seem further away and can create interest and practicality to a feature wall. For more ideas visit our large wall sticker department.

*Newly painted walls should be left at least 3 weeks to completely dry before positioning wall decals to create a wall of art.