Why Use Wall Stickers?

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Who uses wall stickers?

Everyone! Wall stickers are great storytellers and can be used to reflect an individual’s personality and tastes. Once used as a cheap option to inject colour and character into a child’s bedroom or play area the wall decal has evolved to accommodate the tastes of the modern do-it-yourself decorator.

What are wall stickers all about?

Long gone are the days of stencils and cheaply made wall stickers that slide off after a mini heatwave or can be easily torn in the process of application. High-quality, re-positionable wall stickers can now be purchased that promise simple but effective results and do not leave sticky residue or marks behind.

When should they be used?

Everyday! There are no time parameters. With a range of designs to suit all ages, children and adults, this type of wall art is definitely not seasonal nor going out of fashion anytime soon.

Where can they be used?

All around the home! No place needs to be free from wall stickers. View your walls as naked souls that crave colour, warmth and individuality. Call it dressing them up, even walls require a new outfit every now and again. Don’t restrict your creativity to just walls, these decals can be used to accessorise windows, tiles, furniture and mirrors.

Why choose wall stickers?

They are so easy to put up! Using a simple ‘peel and stick’ method, even a toddler could overcome the initial trickiness of peeling them off the backing sheet. Perfect for lazy people and novice decorators who prefer the fast-paced way of life and want to replicate the ever-changing interior trends and fads.

They are a savvy buy that can be appreciated time and time again. Hundred percent re-usable, they can be placed and replaced to your hearts desire, a great alternative decorating tool for renters.

Mahogany is so vanilla, safe and just blah, why can’t every wall have a little tender love and care. With designs ranging from nature based images such as flowers, trees, and an assortment of different animals, to decals centered around text, words and phrases, to patterns and shapes, one thing is almost certain – there’s sure to be a vinyl sticker to appeal to virtually anyone.

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