Disney Princess Room Ideas For A Girl

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Every little girl loves to imagine themselves as the beautiful princess who lives in a pearl castle, surrounded by pretty, sparkly things on her way to living happily ever after.

So it’s no surprise that Princess and Disney Princess bedroom themes continue to be so popular. Designing a princess room can be fun and simple. For a truly special room you just have to ask the master designer – your child! What does your princess like? A silly but essential question, of course you will know exactly what your little one likes but remember it’s them not you who will use the space and the extra thought of practicality in the room will go a long way.

No matter what the colour theme of the room, or the budget you may have for decorating your child’s living space, princess wall stickers are an easy way to can make a space, personal, fun and magical. Completely re-positionable, they can be placed on furniture, tiles and even mirrors.

A princess castle wall decal set will cover a large space and will show a dominant design or applying a simple princess border to a room will change its style.

Help your little one sleep with a sprinkle of fairy dust from Tinkerbell and her glitter Disney Fairies or choose to feature larger than life, Disney Princess Belle, Snow White, Sleeping Beauty, Ariel or Jasmine to watch over her at night.

For a whimsical touch, finish off the room with a sheer material canopy over the bed, pastel pink accessories and a funky crown wall sticker mirror!

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